What is e-Learning?

E-Learning is an innovative way of delivering formal and informal learning, training activities, processes, and events through the use of electronic media. It offers instruction that can be delivered anywhere and anytime through a broad range of solutions including: open distance learning, web based training (WBT), technology based learning, online learning, and computer based training (CBT). Numerous benefits can be obtained by organizations using e-Learning. E-Learning provides companies a consistent and unified learning environment, while eliminating the need to travel long distances. E-Learning is also extremely cost effective.
New Standard Institute's e-Learning training includes;
Interactive Exercises • Narration • Pop-up definitions • Word search function • Enlargeable graphics •
Animated illustrations • Quizzes (web based only)
Web Based Training

New Standard Institute’s Web Based Training (WBT) system allows companies to train large groups of people in a small amount of time in line with their budget, anywhere in the world. Our web based training system is also optimal for small groups or for individual, solo use.

With New Standard's learning management system, Training Coordinators and Human Resource Managers have access to real time statistics detailing the progress of users. A list of all users in a company is displayed, and clicking on any individual opens their status page, which provides a graphical representation of their progress through the training material. The overall progress is displayed, as well as the highest quiz score. A record of each quiz score, as well as the date and time of use, is available by clicking on the course title.

To optimize the training process, New Standard's WBT allows administrators to customize the system in order to provide specific courses to specific people, thereby eliminating the cost of wasted seats. Based on servicing concurrent users, or users that are online at the same time, hundreds of people can be trained quickly and efficiently.

No software installation is required. If you have stable access to the internet this system will work anytime. This eliminates the risks of computer failure, viruses, or hacking.



Computer Based Training

New Standard Institute's computer based training (CBT) offers the same content as web based training.

Available as a downloadable file over the Internet, the training is installed directly onto the user's computer, licensed for the life of that computer. For clients with little to no internet access, we can provide installer discs of the download.

Click on the image to the right to view a video overview of our e-Learning program.


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