Training Solutions

New Standard Institute offers several training tracks - which can be provided individually or in combination - giving Maintenance Managers, Training Managers, and Upper Management decision makers several options for "getting the job done". To view our complete e-Learning training catalog, click here. Want to know more about e-Learning? Click here.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

New Standard Institute's computer based training modules provide concise, content-rich electronic training at a reasonable cost. The user has more control over the learning pace and courses can be selected according to each person's specific needs.

Feature-packed, New Standard Institute’s e-Learning computer based training (CBT) products are enhanced with narration, pop-up definitions, enlargeable graphics, animation and interactive exercises. Previews are available on the outline tab for each subject, and an overview of all products is available on this page. These interactive CBTs include narrated text.

These e-Learning training programs are installed directly on the user's computer, licensed for the life of that computer. Purchase one download per computer. If your computer(s) are not connected to the internet an installation disc can be purchased.

single user computer based licensing

This training is purchased on an individual user basis, through New Standard's secure online store. It is a simple way for each person to select the subjects they want, and self-direct their training program. Downloads into each computer. CD required if the computer is not connected to the internet.

multiple user licensing

This process allows users throughout your company to access and install computer based training on an as-needed basis. Significant discounts can be achieved, based on number of users included in the license.


Web Based Training (WBT)

The best option for eLearning. You can achieve costs savings by selecting a specific time frame for access to each subject, and directing the users within the time licensed.

Avoid the problems that occur with software installation onto stand-alone computers, which are often replaced or crash or under a security constraint, by accessing the training via New Standard Institute’s servers. Clients select length of time for company access and number of simultaneous users to ensure training programs are completed within the schedule and under budget!

With this platform, Training Coordinators and Human Resource Managers have access to real time statistics detailing the progress of users. A list of all users in a company is displayed, and clicking on any individual opens their status page, which provides a graphical representation of their progress through the training material. The overall progress is displayed, as well as the highest quiz score. A record of each quiz score, as well as the date and time each slide was viewed, is available by clicking on the course title.

To optimize the training process, the WBT system allows you to customize the system in order to provide specific courses to specific people, thereby eliminating the cost of wasted seats. Based on servicing concurrent users, or users that are online at the same time, over 100 people can simultaneously be trained. Click here to customize a system, or contact us directly at 203.783.1582 for assistance in the design and configuration of a WBT system for your company.



open-enrollment seminars and workshops

New Standard Institute's maintenance seminars are held throughout the US and Canada. A wide selection of technical and management subjects are avaliable. Attendees benefit from meeting people from other industries who face similar challenges. Click here for seminar titles, outlines, and locations.

on-site seminars, and training programs

Our seminars and training programs can be fully tailored to meet the needs of your company, conducted at your facility and at your convenience. New Standard will come to your site to provide a management seminar or a series of technical training courses on mechanical and electrical subjects.