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Course Objective
The most common machine element found between what moves and what doesn't is an anti-friction bearing. This course introduces a maintenance employee to the basic types of bearings and common nomenclature used. Bearing installation and maintenance is discussed with a focus on preventing premature failure. The student is also trained to analyze failed bearings so a similar occurrence will not happen again.

 Provides a framework for basic mechanical knowledge
 Raises employee awareness of proper bearing installation
 Dispels many misconceptions about bearing maintenance and bearing life

 Classroom inspection of various bearing types
 Using a micrometer to check bearing fits
 Bearing installation exercises
 Analyzing failed bearings


 The Bearing Equation
 Improvements in Bearing Materials and Design
 Dynamic Load Ratings of Bearings vs. Actual Forces

Bearing Components
 Plain Bearings
 Ball or Roller Bearings
 Cage Assembly
 Seals, Shields, Snap-rings, and Bearing Hardware

Bearing Types and Applications
 Types of Radial Ball Bearings and Their Uses
 Types of Radial Roller Bearings and Their Uses
 Pre-mounted Bearings (Flange, Pillow Block, etc.)
 Understanding Manufacturers Identification Numbers
 ABMA Identification
 Identifying Bearing Hardware
 Internal Clearance and Bearing Application
 ABEC and RBEC Tolerances

Bearing Installation
 The Importance of Cleanliness
 Mounting Tapered Shaft Bearings
 Proper Bearing Fits and Methods to Correct Loose Fits
 Proper Bearing Installation Using Heat, Force, and other Methods
 Classroom Exercise

Bearing Lubrication
 Purpose of Lubrication in Bearings
 When to Use Oil vs. Grease
 Lubrication Methods and Frequency

Bearing Failure Analysis
 Proper Disassembly and Cleaning for Inspection
 Common Failure Modes
 Classroom Inspection and Analysis Exercise

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