Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages

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The Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages computer based training module is extracted from New Standard Institute's two-day seminar. A shutdown, turnaround, or outage can be the biggest and most complicated demand on maintenance resources. Using modern project management methods can enable a maintenance professional to identify, plan, staff and coordinate the effort of hundreds of workers and their support equipment while minimizing downtime and costs. This program includes interactive critical path method training.

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This program is helpful to persons responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Refinery Turnarounds
  • Reactor Refueling
  • Petro Chemical Plant Turnarounds
  • Chemical Plant Turnarounds
  • Electric Utility Outage
  • Boiler Shutdowns

Identifying Needed Work

  • Setting Up Shutdown Files
  • Backlog, PM, and PDM Record Review
  • Probing Equipment History
  • Identifying Pre-Shutdown Work
  • Checklists and Action Item Lists
  • Soliciting the Input
    – Shutdown Meeting Agenda
    – Structured Group Interviews
  • Identifying Start-up Activity
  • Compiling Identified Work

Defining the Scope of Work

  • Defining the Constraints
  • Establishing a Shutdown Budget
  • People Management
  • Prioritizing the Proposed Work
  • New Work – What’s Allowed?
  • Contract Work
    – Labor and Technical Support
    – Managing Off-site Work
  • Efficient Shift and Crew Schedules

Planning the Shutdown

  • Determining Lead Time Required for Successful Project Planning
  • The Shutdown Organization
    – Choosing the Manager
    – Building the Team
  • Planning and Estimating Jobs
  • Work Packages
  • Materials Management
    – Handling Lead Times and Staging
    – Working with the Storeroom
    – Logistics
  • Including Operations
    – Effective Use of Operations Personnel
    – Start-up Activities
  • Risk Management
    – Identifying the Risks
    – Qualifying the Risks
    – Risk Response
  • Accounting for Shutdown Costs

Shutdown Scheduling

  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Resource Load Leveling
  • Dealing with Uncertainty in Job Estimates
  • A Maintenance CPM Exercise
  • Project Management Software
  • Tracking Shutdown Materials
  • Coordinating Support Equipment


  • Shutdown Master Schedule
  • Developing Daily Schedules
  • Status Reports and Updates
  • Job Status Update
  • Shutdown Safety and OSHA Requirements


  • Project Review Meetings
  • Compliance to Schedule and Cost Review
  • Completed Work & Quality Review
  • Contractor Performance Review
  • Final Report Formats
  • The Shutdown File