Electrical Safe Work Practices – Presentation

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Safety Managers / Trainers: Enhance the training process using visual aids. This package includes both the Electrical Safe Work Practices eLearning module and an LCD Projector-ready slide show style presentation program.
We recommend each student be provided with their own eLearning module, prior to an instructor-led Presentation of the material.

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The New Law

What is an Electrical Hazard?
Other Electrical Safety Standards
– NFPA 70E
– National Electrical Code (NEC)

Electricity and Worker Safety

Electrical Safety Statistical Data
Unsafe Conditions vs. Unsafe Acts
Effects of Electric Shock
– Unsafe Voltage and Current Levels
– Burns from Electric Shock
– Pressure Waves
– Delayed Trauma

Arc Flash

Compliance (OSHA, NFPA, IEEE)

Energized Equipment

The “Qualified Person” (as defined by OSHA)
Making Circuits Safe
Lock-out and Tag-out Procedures (1910.147)
Voltage Sensors and Meters
Specific Electrical Lock-out Requirements (1910.333)
Key Interlocking Systems
Grounds and Grounding
– System, Equipment and Static Grounds
– Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI) and Relays (GFR)
– Temporary Grounds and Shunts

Safe Work Practices

Safe Approach Distances
Alertness (NFPA 70E)
Illumination Requirements
Conductive Apparel and Insulated Tools
Employing Protective Shields
Portable Ladders Around an Electrical Hazard
Confined or Enclosed Work Spaces
Properly Dealing with Interlocks

Use of Equipment

Portable Electric Equipment and Cords
Electric Power and Lighting Circuits
Test Instruments and Equipment
Use of Flammable Materials
– Extinguishing Electrical Fires
Explosion Proof & Dust Ignition Proof Applications

Personnel Protection

Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Signs, Tags, and Barricades
Danger vs. Caution vs. Warning