Measurement Methods

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This practical training tool emphasizes the types of measurements commonly required for day to day maintenance. The quality of the work you perform can be improved with the use of proper measurement tools. This material is enhanced with fully interactive tools. Selected as a Finalist for the 2004 Product of the Year Award by Plant Engineering Magazine.

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History of Measurement Methods

  • Origin of English Units

The Metric System

  • History of Metric System
  • Conversions between Metric and English

Basic Shop Math

  • Fraction Basics
  • Arithmetic with Fractions
  • Decimal Basics
  • Arithmetic with Decimals

Precision Measurement Tools

  • Measurement Terms
  • Steel Rules
  • Slide Calipers
  • Vernier Calipers
  • Vernier Protractors
  • Micrometers
  • Dial Indicators
  • Thickness and Taper Gauges

Indirect Measurement

  • Using Telescoping Gauges
  • Calipers and Dividers

Tool Calibration and Maintenance

  • Calibration Standards
  • Using Gauge Blocks
  • Micrometer Maintenance