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Maintenance Storerooms

Audel Managing Maintenance Storerooms

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Rarely addressed, efficient Spare Parts management is essential to a well-run facility. Featuring training methods, examples, and easy-to-follow charts and graphs, this practical handbook provides detailed guidance on running a cost-effective storeroom and establishing an organized materials tracking system in any plant.


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Author: Michael V Brown
Pages: 248
Type: Paperback Book

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1. Maintenance Materials Management

Chapter 2. Storeroom Layout and Stocking Methods

Chapter 3. Inventory and Control Procedures

Chapter 4. Storeroom and Inventory Control Improvements

Chapter 5. Storeroom Measurements

Chapter 6. Computerized Inventory Management Systems

Chapter 7. Purchasing for the Storeroom

Appendix A Item Description Examples

Appendix B Maintenance Policy and Procedures