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The first defense against chronic equipment failure is a solid preventive maintenance (PM) program. One of the more important aspects of a PM program is proper and periodic lubrication of rotating equipment. This computer based training program provides a thorough understanding of lubricant choices. Interactive aids make this a solid training and reference tool. Learn proper lubrication methods and how to analyze oil test results.

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System Requirements

The Properties of Lubricants
  • Reducing Sliding and Rolling Friction
  • The Nature of Wear and How it is Minimized
  • Solid vs. Liquid Lubricants
Liquid Lubricants
  • Common Oil and Grease Bases
    - Fatty, Petroleum Based, and Synthetic Oils
  • Mineral Oil Additives
Oil Properties and Terms
  • Viscosity
    - Interactive Interchange Chart
  • ISO, AGMA, and SAE Cross Reference Guide
  • Viscosity Index and Multi-Viscosity Oils
  • Flash Point and Pour Point
  • API and ASTM Identifiers
Hydraulic Fluid
  • Hydraulic Fluids vs. Lubricating Oil
  • Testing and Analysis of Hydraulic Oils
  • The Properties of Grease
  • Grease Additives and Thickeners
Oil Analysis
  • Sampling Methods and Record Keeping
  • Physical Tests
    - Viscosity Tests
    - Total Acid Number
  • Spectrographic Analysis
    - Wear Metals
    - Additives
  • Ferrographic (Wear Particle) Analysis
  • Lubrication Sampling Frequency
Lubrication Delivery and Maintenance
  • Common Equipment Lubrication Systems
    - Re-lube Frequency Calculator (Interactive)
  • Bearing, Compressor, and Industrial Gear Lubrication
  • Chain Drive Lubrication
  • Spindle Machinery Lubrication

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