Outline – Maintenance Storerooms – a Two Day Seminar

Modern business requirements offer many new challenges for Materials Managers and Maintenance Storekeepers. MRO supplies must be available on demand while keeping inventory values to an absolute minimum. These seemingly contradictory goals are achievable through good materials management. This seminar couples the fundamentals with cutting edge methods to help bring credibility back.

Materials Management

  • Quality, Quantity, Price, and Time
  • The Storeroom Balancing Act
  • Reducing Inventory Dollar Value
  • Increasing Storeroom Service Level
  • Handling Obsolescence
  • Eliminating Caches and Hiding Areas

The Physical Layout

  • Optimal Storeroom Dimensions
  • Dealing with a Small Storage Space
  • Determining Storage, Lighting, and Security Requirements
  • Shelving, Modular Drawer and other Storage Options
  • New Tools for Developing the Floor Plan
  • Solving Special Storage Challenges
  • OSHA Requirements for Material Storage

Identifying Stock Items

  • Stock Identification Systems
  • Hierarchical Systems vs. Unique Stock Numbers
  • Qualifying Word List Examples
  • Describing Items for Cataloging and Repurchase
  • Stock Locator Systems

Storeroom Catalogs

  • Building a Usable Catalog
  • Computer Searches vs. Printed Catalogs
  • Listing Order and Indexes
  • Employing Pictures and Exploded Views
  • Avoiding Common Cataloging Mistakes

Storeroom Controls

  • The Perpetual Inventory System
  • Streamlining Issues, Receipts, and Returns
  • Optional Annuals and Cycle Counts
  • The Question of Security
  • Controlling Additions and Deletions

Storeroom Economics

  • Storeroom Operating Costs
  • The Cost of Purchasing and the Cost of Holding
  • Inventory Cycles and Usage Rates
  • Determining Reorder Points and Safety Stock Requirements
  • Lead-times and Streamlining the Purchasing Cycle
  • Establishing Proper Order Quantities
  • Shipping Options and Lowering Freight Costs
  • Reducing Inventory Value through Consignment and Delivery Contracts
  • ABC and XYZ Analysis, Stock Turnover Rates, and Other Management Indices
  • Checks on Supplier Performance

Storeroom Purchasing

  • Rating, Certifying, and Selecting Suppliers
  • Systems Contracts, Integrated Suppliers, and Single Sourcing
  • Partnerships and Alliances with Suppliers
  • Keeping Tabs on Supplier Restocking Programs
  • Purchasing Law and Ethics


  • Evaluating Computerized Inventory Systems
  • Search Engines and Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Bar Coding Systems - Hardware, Software, and Formats
  • Implementing RFID
  • Electronic Commerce - EDI, Faxes, E-mail, the Internet
  • Common Control Reports