Michael V. Brown

Michael V. Brown is the President of New Standard Institute, a training and consulting firm specializing in industrial maintenance. An Electrical Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in maintenance, Mr. Brown held positions at both the plant and corporate levels at United Technologies, Monsanto, Olin Corp. and Stauffer Chemical. As a principal with New Standard, he has designed and implemented storeroom management, computerization, and maintenance management improvement programs for numerous industrial clients.

Mr. Brown has authored three books on Maintenance Management, published by the Audel Division of Wiley Publishing, and written numerous articles which have appeared in top publications in the United States and Canada.


Managing Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Managing Maintenance Storerooms, Managing Shutdowns, Outages, and Turnarounds (Wiley Publishing / Audel Division) These books are available through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble bookstores and website, and through New Standard Institute.
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Articles by Mr. Brown have appeared in Plant Engineering, Maintenance Technology Plant Services, PEM (Canada), Power Magazine, Engineer’s Digest, and many other publications, as well as on dozens of websites. Several of Mr. Brown’s articles are available for download, at no cost, from this website.
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Grand Award Winner – 2005 Product of the Year – Plant Engineering Magazine. In addition to this prestigious award, in 2004 Mr. Brown and New Standard Institute received the CONNSTEP Special Merit Award and Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine’s Product of the Year Award, as well as three Product of the Year Finalist awards from Plant Engineering. The company received similar awards in 2003 and 2002.