Joel D. Levitt

Joel Levitt has 25 years of maintenance experience, working as a process control designer, source equipment inspector, electrician, field service technician, merchant marine worker, manufacturing manager and property manager. Since 1980, Mr. Levitt has been the president of Springfield Resources, a management consulting firm that services clients on maintenance issues and has worked as a maintenance trainer for universities throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

A frequent speaker at maintenance and engineering conferences, Mr. Levitt has trained more than 7000 maintenance professionals from 20 countries in over 400 sessions. He has served on the ANSI Safety Board, Small Business United, National Family Business Council and the AFE.

Projects include:

  • Maintenance Audit
  • Maintenance Manager certification
  • PM/PdM training
  • Planning and scheduling training and coaching
  • Shut-down training
  • Upgrading maintenance supervisor skills
  • CMMS benefits training, implementation, choosing
  • TPM training and implementation
  • Training assessment
  • Stock room and maintenance inventory management
  • Cost reduction projects


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