Consulting Overview

When you hire a maintenance consultant, you want recommendations for making measurable improvements in your maintenance effort. The following is a sampling of ways New Standard can help. If you are interested in any of the following, and wish to speak with us, please contact us here.

CMMS Database Building – Equipment data collection, spare parts lists, and storeroom inventory data.

Equipment Health Survey – Factual and independent assessment of mechanical and electrical systems using the proven technologies of condition surveillance techniques.

Maintenance Management Evaluation – Planning, scheduling, staffing, preventive, predictive, organization requirements, training, work analysis, and measurements.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program Development – We will help you establish a comprehensive PDM and PM program, from procedures and data collection to training.

Shut-down and Project Management Services – We’ll help you plan and schedule your next shutdown.

Storeroom Implementation – From location layout to developing part descriptions, cataloging, stocking parts for easy retrieval. We can get you organized fast.

Inventory Control Evaluation (ICE) – Simply arrange for us to receive raw data from your system and we can tell you the best Min/Max levels for your particular facility’s spare parts storeroom or crib in a matter of days.

Storeroom Operation Review – We can help you reduce inventory and maintain a high service level.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – Realize the promise of your TPM effort. Total productive maintenance programs have the potential to focus your workforce on continuous improvement. Unfortunately, many companies have not achieved this goal. We can help concentrate your maintenance efforts and achieve all potential returns with TPM.

Training Program Development – From employee evaluation to curriculum development geared toward your specific requirements.